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Olivia is an insatiably curious writer, multimodal creative mastermind, and real estate guru based in LA. She also just launched Upper Market Gallery. Her plate is full – but that is how she likes it (and still finds a way to brighten up every space she enters). She is consistently cooking up a new creative venture – so stay tuned for her latest moves.

See below for our full interview with Olivia.

LC: Dish on your business & mission in two sentences. 

Olivia: “We just launched Upper Market Gallery – a multi-disciplinary fine art and design space in San Francisco that aims to foster an inclusive artist community by working directly with a variety of emerging and underrepresented artists, and connecting them with collectors in the Bay Area and beyond.” 

LC: What is your favorite part about working for yourself? 

Olivia: “By leading my own business(es) and being the boss of me, I own my time, and, by extension, my life. There is nothing more thrilling and more empowering (albeit scary and daunting, at times) than having the opportunity to execute on my own visions and prioritize freedom over stability.” 

LC: What are your top tips for new entrepreneurs and freelancers//those thinking about making their passion their moneymaker? 

Olivia: “Working for yourself is wonderful, but I’ve found it’s easier “to work on your own” with a team. Find like-minded folks with a slightly different skillset to partner with and lean on when you need the support and motivation to keep going. Cross-promotion and ideation are paramount for a small business and are super fun!” 

LC: What gets you inspired? 

Olivia: “I’m lucky. Inspiration finds me wherever I go. If I’m feeling unusually stuck or enduring a creative block, fresh air, a change in scenery, or taking a moment to breathe some poetry always gets me back on track. The unobstructed heat of the sun on my cheeks reminds me what’s important, and that I can slow down or change course if needed.” 

LC: What are you most looking forward to?

Olivia: “Tomorrow! Another opportunity to live, breathe, and create on this fine planet we share. I am also looking forward to spending some days in Arizona with my family this Spring and snuggling with my pup this evening.” 

LC: A favorite quote?

Olivia: “Other than the Maya Angelou quote we all know and cherish, I’d say this is a pretty great mantra to live by: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan, American author, astronomer, poet”

LC: Anything else you’d like to share?

Olivia: “In addition to Upper Market Gallery, I am also in real estate. If you live in LA (or want to) I’m starting to take on more commercial and residential real estate clients (buyers and sellers). And, if you’re interested in art, check out uppermarketgallery.com and ask me questions!” 

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