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(for right-brained creative minds)
We help creatives take the fear out of finances and thrive.

Let's unravel your money in a way that makes sense to you, solve core operational struggles, and set your creative mind free.

Client Testimonials

Carolyn Bothwell
"Meredith has been instrumental in accelerating Freelance Founders and my freelance business. She's helped me better understand my business and set strategic goals. For creative brains and solopreneurs, Le Chéile is the ultimate left-brain counterpart."

Founder, Freelance Founders
Sara Spiegel
"This is the best investment I've ever made.

My awareness of my finances brings me peace of mind. Before I was too worried to spend because I didn't know where I stood. Now I can see what the months ahead look like and what needs to be done to maintain profitability."

Founder, w/Sara PR
Cole Wilson
"This has been a game changer. It is helpful to know what I can and cannot afford to invest in. I'm no longer fearful of turning down projects just for the sake of money."

Founder, Magicoley


We believe creatives deserve affordable services 
that support them as they grow. 

Our sliding-scale offerings enable your creative genius to thrive with thoughtful consulting, strategy, and visual data-backed tools.

We will unload your stress to make running your business fun again.


Hey, I'm Meredith! I have 10+ years experience in finance and strategy consulting with CFOs of the largest health systems, top VC-backed tech startups, and creative founders + freelancers. 

I'm equal parts left and right brain, which gives me a keen understanding how the creative brain works yet I'm also a process-driven freak that can whip you into shape. 

I offer visual finance tools, one-on-one advising sessions, and custom consulting engagements for creative studios and agencies. I often step in as a hybrid Fractional CFO and COO and advisor. 

We start with your finances and leverage data to ground us. We set profitable project rates, re-align your offerings, and determine a fair subcontractor budget. We also make sure that you're paying yourself, saving money, and developing a healthy profit.
My clients come to me for strategy, focus, accountability, data-driven goals, clarity, and strategic direction. I get you to a place where you can make decisions rooted in truth, not fear, for aligned growth and expansion. 

This sounds like you if you are running an agency or studio, you've started to manage subcontractors and employees, and your business ops + finances have gotten a bit too out of hand. You may even be charging the same rates you did back when you were freelancing. I can help.

Select Offerings

For Creatives with 5-10K 
in Monthly revenue:

We offer an hourly rate for quick, one-off projects 
and strategy sessions + annual planning sessions. 

These sessions are a great time to set goals for the upcoming year, 
redefine niche client base or offerings, and better understand how to set your rates. 
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visual finance tools for creative brains

We also offer easy-to-use visual cash flow tools. 

You can purchase an a la carte simple DIY cash flow template, 
or we can customize a detailed, easy-to-use tool for you.

All tools are created with the creative in mind - they are visual and easy-to-use.
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Creative Founders 
with 20-50K in monthly revenue:

We offer longer-term consulting engagements for mindful growth. 

Our engagements are a minimum of six months and tackle your biggest operational and strategic problems.
We unlock your ability to regain control of your business. We unravel and organize your finances visually. 

You work with a strategic partner to offload what you hate doing most. 

We thrive on making your data digestible so you can be creative again and confidently enjoy running your business.

More from our clients

Caitlin Copple Masingill
"I'm so grateful for Meredith and the team at Le Chéile. Meredith is the reason we've been able to build a 7-figure company. Meredith's operational, strategic, and financial guidance has been invaluable to our growth."

Founder, Full Swing PR
Siobhan McLaughlin
"I recommend you to all creative founders. I have gained so much clarity and would never start a business without your help."

Founder, Glou Glou Girls