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More Money. Less Problems. It’s a win win.

Set up a quick free consultation with us to discuss the challenges you’re facing and how we can support.

This tool allows you to get to know your finances on a personal level.

We break down monthly spend, how to set an hourly rate, and determine your financial runway.

This is a simplified version of the customizable tool we use in client engagements.

The tool allows you to set actionable goals; track revenue, expenses, and profitability, and forecast for future quarters.

It has proven results and helps to visualize your business behind the scenes to keep you organized.

This one’s for the books. Literally.

Business, not as usual.

From setup to cleanup to full-on execution, we’ll transform your data and provide insights to boost your revenue and your ability to make confident and informed business decisions.

Make money moves.

Time is money.

We thrive on complicated puzzles, particularly those that save time and money for your business. We can help you create time in your day and put money in your bank account.

Time is money. Let’s save you both.

Mind your business.

We provide you with a customized and detailed cash flow tool plus strategic, operational, and financial guidance. We take the fear out of finances. More money, less problems.

It’s a win-win. 

Client Praise



Carolyn Bothwell, Founder & Brand Strategist

“I began working with Meredith and her team during the pandemic and right before the launch of my new venture, Freelance Founders. Meredith has been instrumental in the acceleration of my freelance business and of Freelance Founders. She’s helped me gain a greater understanding of my business, and set strategic goals. For creative brains and solopreneurs, Le Chéile is the ultimate left-brain counterpart!”


Caitlin Copple Masingill, Founder & President


I’m so grateful for Meredith and the team at Le Chéile. They are the reason that we’ve been able to build a 7-figure company. Meredith’s operational, strategic, and financial guidance has been invaluable to our growth.

Thanks to her and the tools the LC team has created, we more than doubled last year’s revenue, better understood our cash flow and secured over 90% of this year’s revenue for next year. If you’re left-brained like me, she will help you to become obsessed with your numbers, in a non-intimidating way.

Holly Conti, Partner & VP of Digital Marketing

“Highly recommend working with Le Chéile. You and your business will be better for it. Meredith and team has impressed me with their ability to take complicated data and organize it into workable, easy-to-follow information that our team can use daily to assess the success of our tactics and plan strategy for the future.”

Sarah Salvatoriello, Founder and Brand Strategist

“Meredith quickly uncovered distinct challenges that were causing inefficiencies in my business and guided me toward discovering successful solutions. Meredith is no-nonsense and explains things in a way that actually makes sense to a creative brain like mine. Highly recommend working with her and the LC team.”

Brooke Waterhouse

“Meredith is one in a million. Incredibly organized and even-keeled, she has proven she can work with all different types of people with grace and integrity. She takes on complex & multifaceted projects with ease and quickly orients to identify the most effective solution. I highly recommend working with her, she will be an invaluable asset to your team.”